Competency Mapping for GMP

Competency is the behavioural manifestation of knowledge, skills and attitude of a person in achieving particular outcome. For example, I will have competency of communication if I achieve an outcome that is desired to be achieved through communication using knowledge, skill and attitude possessed by me to communicate. That communication can be either written, verbal, non-verbal or combination of these. For instance, if I have communicated to you the meaning of competency by this example then I have some competency in communicating. How much competent I am in communication can be measured through seeing this competency expressed in variety of settings.

Obviously, professionals of a particular field vary in their functional competencies. For example QA professionals require variety of competencies to perform their role well in making the Pharma Plant GMP compliant. Whole lot of knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) will be required to get those competencies which come by exercising these KSAs in all kinds of experiences while performing their roles. Once we understand the competencies required for, say QA professionals, then we can hire the right people, train them to develop these competencies.This is the scientific way to enhance your effectiveness in getting the GMP compliant Plant in the shortest possible time. The same is true for Production, QC, Supply Chain, HR, Finance and other professionals required to make an enterprise successful. We are one of the pioneers in bringing the competency mapping framework in Indian pharma. It is one the most scientific methodology to train professionals and implement GMP effectively.

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