Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) Tools based interventions for implementing cGMP

We are excited to share with you our new innovation-based techniques that will immensely help you in making your pharma manufacturing plant cGMP compliant.

We are bringing the power of AI & ML to help you hasten and effectively solve the problems of non-compliance with cGMP in an enduring and not short-lived manner. These interventions are a combination of state of art in behavioural, social and technological innovation that will enable you to be all time informed of the status of compliance with cGMP requirements in your plant. Based on its inputs through data analytics many suitable CAPAs can be immediately initiated.

How this process works?

We shall implement BOT based regular interactions on weekly/ fortnightly and monthly basis with all the employees of the plant and analyse the data and learn from the same using machine learning to initiate CAPAs. Besides technical CAPA, behavioural interventions of training, placement and career growth of employees will also be initiated through the data analytics of ML outputs.

It requires sophistication to implement this and calls for preparatory training of employees before its technical roll out on pilot basis. Once its pilot is run successfully, it can be implemented throughout the plant.

Does this excite you? We are very excited about its potential to solve the perennial problem of non-compliance of cGMP and hence failures of regulatory agencies’ audits. Remember it is a techno-socio-behavioural intervention and not mere technical one!

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